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I’m going to put this here. I am also going to label it as pbj because technically it is. It’s more of what I have fleshed out for another story after I finish Masq.

Unfortunately it’s told through skype to friends and means really annoying format so if you wanna read go for it.This is more of a ‘I’m-going-to-put-this-here-and-hope-I-remeber-it-later’ kinda thing.

Warning: Lots of sadstuck, tw: rape & child abuse.

It goes through stages but it does end as PBJ ~<3 (cause what else do I write? Not a whole hell of a lot)

[4:54:30 PM] Hosh: Okay, so you have to see this picture in order to understand where it starts
[4:55:23 PM] Hosh:
[4:55:46 PM] Hosh: So, Tav has lived in one of the houses all his 8 years
[4:55:58 PM] Hosh: and then another family moves in next door
[4:56:26 PM] Hosh: and at first, he’s scared of this kid who just like, appears in the room across from his window and shuts the curtains and hides from him
[4:56:32 PM] Key: //SCREAMING
[4:56:33 PM] Hosh: but one day
[4:56:46 PM] Hosh: he hears this tap on the window
[4:57:15 PM] Hosh: and he’s all confused because it’s pouring out why would someone be tapping at his window
[4:57:27 PM] Hosh: he peels back the curtain and there’s gamzee
[4:57:30 PM] Hosh: all soaking wet
[4:57:31 PM] Hosh: crying
[4:57:36 PM] Hosh: but trying not to
[4:57:41 PM] Key: ….//CLUTCHES HEART
[4:57:49 PM] Key: HOSH, NO. no //whimpering
[4:57:51 PM] Hosh: Tav is all shit he scares me but look at how pitiful he is
[4:58:23 PM] Hosh:  so like, he lets Gamzee in
[4:58:28 PM] Hosh: breaking the screen in the process
[4:58:57 PM] Hosh: and he freaks out a bit because he’s 8 and his parents are going to kill him
[4:59:36 PM] Hosh: but he gets a towel out and drys this crying kid off, introductions are made, and they talk until it stops raining
[5:00:04 PM] Hosh: but Tav doesn’t ask about the brusies on his chest (he borrowed some of tav’s clothes)
[5:00:26 PM] Hosh: and he thinks really nothing of it and they just become friends and start doing all sorts of goofy shit through the windows
[5:00:28 PM] Hosh: and then years pass
[5:00:56 PM] Key: //sobbing grossly and grabs Mags to hold on to
[5:01:12 PM] Hosh: their in high school. Gamzee’s a bit of a stoner and Tav knows it’s because of the abuse but Gamz made him promise never to tell
[5:01:24 PM] Hosh: and they just are the greatest of friends
[5:01:44 PM] Hosh: and everything is okay. Not great, but okay.
[5:02:18 PM] Hosh: And one day Tav comes home from school, all worried about Gamzee because he didn’t show up, but he’s not too worried cause he knows his friend sometimes loses track of time and shit
[5:02:55 PM] Hosh: but when he looks across the ally, his window is all closed up (it’s always open) nd the curtains are drawn and he just gets a really bad feeling in his gut that something’s wrong
[5:03:32 PM | Edited 5:03:36 PM] Hosh: so he crawls across the roofs to get to the window and knocks. When he doesn’t get a response he managed to pry it open a little and peek inside
[5:03:48 PM] Key: OKAY
[5:03:58 PM] Hosh: Maybe I should stop then
[5:04:01 PM] Key: NO
[5:04:07 PM] Hosh: lol
[5:04:10 PM] Key: YOU BETTER TELL ME
[5:04:12 PM] Hosh: okay
[5:04:15 PM] Maggie: hosh keep going ;n;
[5:04:22 PM] Hosh: maybe I should like
[5:04:23 PM] Key: //cradles Mags
[5:04:24 PM] Hosh: say tw
[5:04:35 PM] Hosh: sexual abuse
[5:04:38 PM] Hosh: warning
[5:04:40 PM] Hosh: ?
[5:04:59 PM] Hosh: He sees gamzee lying on the bed, shuddering and shaking
[5:05:10 PM] Hosh: and he calls out to him, whispering even though he doesn’t know why
[5:05:16 PM] Key: NO
[5:05:18 PM] Key: NO
[5:05:34 PM] Hosh: I TOLD YOU IT WAS SAD
[5:05:39 PM] Key: CONTINUE
[5:05:39 PM] Key: CONTINUE
[5:05:43 PM] Maggie: I WUIT EVEYRTHING
[5:05:49 PM] Key: I NEED TO KNOW
[5:05:50 PM] Key: I NEED
[5:05:59 PM | Edited 5:06:01 PM] Hosh: (btw, they’re like 16)
[5:06:02 PM] Key: HELP
[5:06:10 PM] Maggie: oMFG THEY”RE MY AGE
[5:06:12 PM] Key: //THROWS IN THE TOWEL
[5:06:12 PM] Maggie: OH GOD NO
[5:06:21 PM] Hosh: Do you want me to keep going or no?
[5:06:32 PM] Maggie: //snuggles into Key
[5:06:35 PM] Maggie: g-go on
[5:06:37 PM] Hosh: kay
[5:06:39 PM] Hosh: it gets better
[5:06:40 PM] Hosh: promise
[5:06:57 PM] Hosh: So like, Tav crawls into the window even though Gamzee’s telling him to leave
[5:07:07 PM] Hosh: and he sees like, blood on the sheets and on gamzee
[5:07:13 PM] Hosh: and tav freaks
[5:07:41 PM] Hosh: He sees new brusies and is scared to reach out to touch him but does it anway
[5:07:59 PM] Hosh: and manages to get Gamzee to get up even though he’s hurting
[5:08:12 PM] Hosh: and tries to find at least a pair of boxes cause he’s like completely naked
[5:08:25 PM] Hosh: but then someone tries to open the door, which is locked
[5:08:43 PM] Hosh: and Gamzee’s dad starts screaming and trying to break it down
[5:08:47 PM] Key: NO
[5:08:56 PM | Edited 5:09:01 PM] Key: NO, MAGS. MAGS. //HOLDS for DEAR LIFE
[5:08:59 PM] Hosh: so Tav just grabs these ratty ass sheets
[5:09:08 PM] Hosh: and thows them around Gamzee, urging him to the window
[5:09:34 PM] Hosh: they slip a bit, but he manages to get across
[5:09:51 PM] Hosh: Just as he slams his window shut, the door breaks down
[5:09:57 PM] Maggie: //clutching key
[5:10:11 PM] Hosh: he throws the curtains shut and just clings to Gamzee, who had slid to the floor
[5:10:29 PM] Hosh: and prays that he doesn’t look out and guesses where he went
[5:11:05 PM] Key: //whimpering mess of need.
[5:11:32 PM] Maggie: //sobbing into keyboard
[5:11:43 PM] Maggie: //hitting esc tab on life
[5:11:59 PM] Key: //follows mags
[5:11:59 PM] Hosh: But Tav’s parents hear the screaming from the other house, which isn’t new, but it’s louder than normal cause Gamzee’s window is open and they’re worried so his mom goes upstairs to make sure Tav is okay and just walks in on her son clinging to this lump of pure patheticly skinny and beaten kid
[5:12:15 PM] Hosh: and is just like
[5:12:16 PM] Hosh: ….
[5:12:21 PM] Hosh: Tav, what?
[5:12:51 PM] Maggie: EHHHHHHHH ;n;
[5:13:01 PM] Hosh: He doesn’t say anything, just like, pleades with his eyes that his mom will understand
[5:13:19 PM] Hosh: and just continues to cling to Gamzee who has started sobbing and just, is this horrible mess
[5:13:42 PM] Maggie: //crying into key over zee feels
[5:14:01 PM] Hosh: So the police are called and shit gets found out
[5:14:26 PM] Hosh: and the EMTs want to take Gamzee to the hospital but he won’t let go of tav
[5:14:34 PM] Hosh: refuses to let anyone touch him
[5:14:49 PM] Hosh: and is generally going through copious amounts of shock
[5:15:31 PM] Hosh: So Tav talks him around, all while trying to soothe him as well
[5:15:39 PM] Hosh: and promises to stay with him
[5:15:55 PM] Hosh: and then he starts to get really pissed off now that the shock of what’s happened wears off a bit
[5:16:25 PM] Hosh: but he’s also feeling guilty because he knew Gamzee’s dad beat the shit out of him
[5:16:31 PM] Hosh: and never said anything
[5:17:11 PM] Key: bUT, -hic-, BUUTT, -sniff- HAPPY ENDING?
[5:17:32 PM] Hosh: but then they have the hospital scene where Tav just sits with Gamzee who isn’t really talking anymore
[5:17:44 PM] Hosh: and he falls asleep next to the bed
[5:17:52 PM] Hosh: but wakes up about midnight to Gamzee crying again
[5:18:17 PM] Hosh: and when he asks what’s wrong, Gamzee just spills out all these painful things about why his dad did what he did
[5:19:09 PM] Hosh: ((it got back to his dad that he had been seen kissing this other guy out in town))
[5:19:58 PM] Hosh: and how it had been a goodbye kinda kiss cause the kid didn’t really feel the same, but they had tried it and ended it off okay
[5:20:41 PM] Hosh: which pisses tav off even more because Gamzee almost feels like he deserves it
[5:20:52 PM] Key: oh mY GOD, //SCREAMING FRAGE
[5:21:54 PM] Hosh: and then he starts ranting at Gamzee, telling him that his dad’s a piece of shit and all this other stuff
[5:22:13 PM] Hosh: until Gamzze grabs his hand and quiets him down since they’re in the hospital and Tav really shouldn’t be there
[5:22:19 PM] Hosh: cause it’s after visiting hours and stuff
[5:22:21 PM] Hosh: IT DOES
[5:22:27 PM] Hosh: It’s almost there
[5:22:35 PM] Hosh: so tav calms down a bit
[5:22:56 PM] Hosh: but holds onto Gamz’s hand, which is trembling
[5:23:13 PM] Hosh: and just tells Gamzee all these wonderful things about him
[5:23:33 PM] Hosh: like why they’re like best friends and shit
[5:25:09 PM] Hosh: And Gamzee doesn’t believe him at first, and tries to argue. When he realizes he can’t, he switches tactics and says that no one else will even think that he’s as perfect as Tav is describing him because he’s dirty and just defiled and why would anyone want someone so broken
[5:25:31 PM] Key: sHIT, TAV TAVVVVVVVVV. //waits with bated breath
[5:27:00 PM] Maggie: //preps to throw self off cliff into feels
[5:27:15 PM] Hosh: and it slowly dawns on tav that maybe he does kinda have more than best friend feely feells
[5:28:08 PM] Hosh: But he’s suddenly fucking scared of what that means, and instead of telling Gamzee, he bottles it up and tries to argue with him that he doesn’t see him that way without really coming out and just telling him
[5:29:09 PM] Hosh: because shit, his dad just hurt him bad because he came out, what would tav’s own parents think if he had feelings for a guy. He knew they wouldn’t flie into a rage but they’re a very catholic family and he’s still really young
[5:29:17 PM] Hosh: I
[5:30:04 PM] Hosh: So anyway
[5:30:16 PM] Maggie: //JUMPS.
[5:30:23 PM] Key: //DOUBLE SUICIDE
[5:30:48 PM] Hosh: Tav really can’t convince him that someone would want him that way, but does manage to get Gamzee to realize that he cares and it doesn’t matter what happened
[5:30:54 PM] Hosh: so then time passes
[5:31:03 PM] Hosh: shit gets down into the courts
[5:31:10 PM] Key: [OX, HELP]
[5:31:16 PM] Hosh: and Tav testifies against Gamzee’s dad
[5:31:20 PM] Hosh: and all that shit
[5:31:31 PM] Bree: wait
[5:31:32 PM] Bree: hi
[5:31:33 PM] Bree: what
[5:31:37 PM] Key: RUN AWAY
[5:31:38 PM] Hosh: but it’s ruled that Gamzee’s mom didn’t really help the situation either
[5:31:41 PM] Hosh: shh
[5:31:42 PM] Hosh: story time
[5:31:42 PM] Key: WHILE YOU CAN
[5:31:43 PM] Bree: people screaming my name
[5:31:49 PM] Bree: oh
[5:31:51 PM] Bree: oh bother
[5:31:59 PM] Bree: … …//makes self comfy
[5:32:05 PM] Hosh: you might have to go back a ways
[5:32:08 PM] Hosh: we’re way into it now
[5:32:12 PM] Bree: Continue.
[5:32:12 PM] Hosh: neways
[5:32:21 PM] Hosh: So
[5:32:34 PM] Hosh: Gamzee’s mom didn’t really help so she loses custody of Gamzee
[5:32:38 PM] Hosh: and he becomes a ward of the state
[5:32:47 PM] Key: ….
[5:32:48 PM] Hosh: and is moved from the house
[5:32:54 PM] Hosh: he’s lived in for so long
[5:32:56 PM] Hosh: across from tav
[5:33:20 PM] Key: …//hols in everything amd waits trembling with emotions
[5:33:23 PM] Hosh: into a boy’s home where shit gets worse
[5:33:42 PM] Hosh: because now he really needs to get high and just all this shit happens
[5:33:51 PM] Hosh: and Tav tries to visit and he stays with tav a lot but it’s not the same
[5:34:01 PM] Hosh: and Tav is still dealing with these emotions toward Gamzee
[5:34:16 PM] Hosh: but he also doesn’t like how he’s becoming, with all the weed, and eventually a few harder drugs
[5:34:34 PM] Hosh: and just as Tav is getting ready for college, he OD’s and is back in the hospital
[5:34:47 PM] Hosh: when Tav goes to see him and asks him why he did it (pills)
[5:35:21 PM] Hosh: Gamzee just tells him that he’s losing his best fucking friend who is going halfway across the country to pursue his dream and he’s a deadbeat nobody who doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air
[5:35:23 PM] Hosh: and tav just
[5:35:25 PM] Hosh: breaks a little
[5:35:38 PM] Hosh: and shouts at Gamzee, calling him selfish
[5:35:54 PM] Hosh: and asking how Gamzee thought he would take his being dead and shit
[5:36:02 PM] Hosh: and just sobs and screams and hurts
[5:36:18 PM] Hosh: and ends the convo on finally telling Gamzee that he loved him once
[5:36:48 PM] Hosh: but now he was too doped up, too fucking selfish, too much of every bad thing he’s done since then, even though he had a reason to delve that way
[5:37:00 PM] Hosh: and Gamzee is just floored
[5:37:15 PM] Hosh: even as Tav runs out of the room, crying, he can’t believe what he heard
[5:37:20 PM] Hosh: and it kinda, snaps him awake
[5:37:20 PM] Key: //quiting
[5:37:43 PM] Hosh: and as Tav is getting ready to leave for college, he gets a phonecall
[5:37:55 PM] Hosh: from Gamzee who has checked himself into a place where he can get better
[5:38:12 PM] Hosh: and promises Tav that he’ll do everything he can to make him the man he knows Tav deserves
[5:38:30 PM] Hosh: and swears up and down about how much he’s loved tav for so long
[5:38:47 PM] Hosh: and Tav is a bit stunned, but doesn’t want to hope
[5:39:03 PM] Hosh: but tells Gamzee that they’ll keep in touch the best he can while he’s away
[5:39:34 PM] Hosh: and that he still cares about him. He’s still his best bro and he still really really likes him but it just hurts and Gamzee is all I know and I’m sorry I fucked this up
[5:39:42 PM] Hosh: even though I didn’t know, I fucked it up
[5:39:47 PM] Hosh: didn’t see what I had right in front of me
[5:39:59 PM] Hosh: and it kinda makes tav feel a bit guilty and they part ways on a good note
[5:40:09 PM] Hosh: and stay in touch during college
[5:40:50 PM] Hosh: and Tav is a junior when Gamzee is finally officialy clean, and has meds for depression, and just has treated all the problems to the best of his ability and is stable
[5:41:16 PM] Key: //sobbing on Ox and Mags grossly
[5:41:30 PM] Maggie: //rolling in feelings
[5:41:31 PM] Hosh: So when Tav comes back from school, he finds Gamzee waiting for him at the airport and he just
[5:41:34 PM] Hosh: really really really
[5:41:36 PM] Hosh: fucking missed him
[5:41:41 PM] Hosh: and is surprised to find that shit
[5:41:45 PM] Hosh: he still has feelngs
[5:42:04 PM] Hosh: for Gamzee even though he tried dating other people in college
[5:42:20 PM] Hosh: and he realizes why they didn’t work out at Gamzee pulls him into a hug
[5:42:40 PM] Hosh: because he never really got over his highschool crush
[5:42:51 PM] Hosh: and it just blows his mind away as they hold each other
[5:43:35 PM] Hosh: when they finally pull apart, he makes the first move, in the middle of the airport, in front of his family who were there to pick him up, and just kisses Gamzee and is crying and just all emotional
[5:44:25 PM] Hosh: and I could end it there, with only a little more lovey dovey but…
[5:44:34 PM] Hosh: I’m a sucker for cockblocking
[5:44:39 PM] Hosh: and just being a bitch in general
[5:44:44 PM] Hosh: so
[5:44:56 PM] Hosh: Gamzee pulls away and is all like, shit bro, I’m dating someone
[5:45:02 PM] Hosh: and he’s just crushed
[5:45:07 PM] Hosh: because fuck
[5:45:10 PM] Key: I WUIY
[5:45:11 PM] Key: SDJKFH
[5:45:14 PM] Key: GRET THE FUCK AWAY
[5:45:15 PM] Key: I QUIT
[5:45:17 PM] Key: I QUIT QUIT
[5:45:22 PM | Edited 5:45:26 PM] Key: //ABSCONDS
[5:45:42 PM] Hosh: so Tav just like laughs it off while inside he’s dying
[5:45:49 PM] Hosh: says haha just kidding and all this shit
[5:46:10 PM] Bree: oh nooo :[ noo WHYYY
[5:46:36 PM] Hosh: and the summer comes and goes and he meets Gamzee’s bf (karkat) who he met while in group therapy
[5:46:59 PM] Maggie: omg i ollied out for a sec but nope. key died which means i shouldn’t scroll up omfg
[5:47:13 PM] Hosh: and Tav finally breaks down to Aradia about how he’s feeling and she shoves him in the direction of Gamzee
[5:47:22 PM] Hosh: telling him that he should be telling Gamz that not her
[5:47:55 PM] Hosh: And he goes to do it, but kinda walks in on makeouts that are getting really heated and that just does it for him
[5:48:04 PM] Hosh: and he just runs away
[5:48:09 PM] Hosh: but
[5:48:13 PM] Hosh: gamzee chases after him
[5:48:26 PM] Hosh: and they nearly get hit by a car when he finally catches up with him
[5:49:36 PM] Hosh: and Tav lets all these feels out about how he thought Gamzee was going to wait for him and Gamzee counters that he thought it was grounded before it had a chance to take off becaus Tav dated people
[5:49:53 PM] Hosh: and thought that Tav just didn’t want to try anymore
[5:50:35 PM] Hosh: so while they’re talking, Karkat’s caught up with them and he’s listening to Gamzee rant about how much he loved tav and still does
[5:50:50 PM] Hosh: but he cares about Karkat too and doesn’t want to hurt him
[5:50:55 PM] Hosh: and Karkat is just like You’re a fucking moron
[5:51:45 PM] Hosh: and that he knew what they had wasn’t going to last because all he ever did was talk about Tav, but he wanted that time together because it made him feel like someone in the world cared about him.
[5:53:14 PM] Hosh: and so feels are just spilled out and they end up in like this huge group huig because Gamzee loves both of them, but realizes he loves Karkat in a different way. More like family bros than lover bros and Karkat’s okay with that because he wasn’t really feeling the whole thing anyway but didn’t want to hurt Gamzee’s feelings either.
[5:53:36 PM] Hosh: because they’ve both been through such sucky shit
[5:54:04 PM] Hosh: that they knew the other needs some sort of stability so they didn’t want to throw that off and send each other back into drugs or some shit
[5:54:23 PM] Hosh: and they just laugh over it after
[5:54:35 PM] Hosh: while Tav is still a little confused
[5:54:52 PM] Hosh: but happy cause Gamzee grabs him and kisses him and they share all sorts of feely feels
[5:54:56 PM] Hosh: the end?

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