Hey tumblrs!

I’m in the middle (beginning really, if I’m being honest) of writing a fic but I need a little help. Particularly from those of you who have been to/know of Presbyterian services and beliefs.

I know a little about Catholicism but if any of you can give me the basic gist of how it differs, I’d appreciate it. Or even resources online that I can dig through. The most I’ve found is this from Yahoo answers and we all know how reliable that source is.

I know some people are wondering why I’d even put forth this much effort, but research makes or breaks any piece of writing! Even if they are silly fanfictions. :3

Thanks a bunch in advanced!

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    99 problems but a pope ain’t one
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    Wow, thank you to everyone who responded! Between everything I have all that I need! Thank you again!
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    I was raised presby yo, i can give you a hand if you like. just shoot me a pm.
  5. leticheecopae said: My Mother is Catholic and my Father is Presbyterian. What do you want to know hun.
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