Writing is hard to do and sometimes you get stuck, but if there is anything I learned from my writing professor is that you should plow through it and keep writing anyway. Well, sometimes that is hard to do. You don’t know what to write about, or you start to write but you’re not sure where to end it. Maybe you just can’t settle down for a long period of time, what then?

I found this awesome website

You can write about anything. Even if you just wanted to keep a journal of ideas or snipets of scenes that you want to write out, it keeps everything in one place for you! As you can see above, it also tracks stats, like how long you typed for, if you got distracted by something, what type of content you were writing, what senses you wrote about, everything. It is just so awesome to see what you’re doing and how you work.

I’m recommending this to all my writer friends out there. It really is a godsend and the best way to just keep writing, everyday.

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